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Do you know how to leverage the power of a CIO without the Executive Level Expense?

To stand out in a competitive environment we need more than functioning computer systems. Hiring an in-house techie or “computer guy” can assist to further your technology advancements, but you need more.  You must have a trusted IT advisor in your corner.

NCT Network Computing TechnologiesCIOs are in high demand and are experiencing rapid pay increases that put them out of reach for most small and medium sized businesses. As a small business ourselves, we wanted to level the playing field to ensure companies of any size can remain competitive against big business.

NCT has developed a solution that makes C-Level guidance affordable for any sized business. Utilize our Outsourced CIO services to put Executive IT Power on your side without requiring 6-figure payroll expenses:

  • Collection and analysis of your current data assets – utilize the hidden gems found within your data to improve business operations with information already available to you
  • Analysis of past technology investments to make sure you are fully utilizing your past investments before considering additional equipment
  • Guidance on overall IT budgeting and strategic IT investments, so your risks are managed, challenges are prepared for, and you have a plan for the future
  • Make your IT strategy mesh with your overall business goals and operations – use your IT as a strategic asset, not just a tool to get work done
  • Regular meetings to strategize together – identify your needs to find innovative and cost-effective IT solutions that improve productivity and streamline operations.

NCT is your technology partner. Stay competitive in a rapidly advancing technology environment with Executive Level IT Strategy Planning and Implementation.

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