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Are your systems being sabotaged by computer guys who charge by the hour?

IT Guys who charge by the hour are incentivized to cut corners when servicing your systems. Some of them do this intentionally while others don’t realize they take shortcuts to boost the bottom line.

NCT Network Computing TechnologiesAll for-profit companies are in business to make money, so you can’t blame them for wanting to maximize revenue. But what you CAN do is put an end to erroneous billing with our flat-rate monthly service plans.

NCT provides an entire new level of IT Support by eliminating hourly billing. Our philosophy is to take care of problems before they happen with our Proactive Managed IT Services Plans:

  • Improve System Functionality with regular maintenance, 24/7 monitoring, and remote management tools all designed to minimize potential problems and keep your systems at their best
  • Reduce IT Downtime & Issues by not incentivizing your IT Support Guy to take shortcuts or leave problems unresolved so they can bill more hours by coming back later to fix problems you may not be aware of yet
  • Completely Customized Managed Service Plan that fits YOUR needs – a full suite of Dallas IT support and services that can be added or removed from your plan at any time to make sure you only pay for what you need
  • Utilize our Experience And Expertise to get the right products and services for your way of doing business – we know your market and will utilize our knowledge and vendor connections to save you time and money
  • Balance Your IT Budget with Fixed Monthly Fees – you will know exactly what your bill is going to look like before you even get it
  • On-Call IT Support Desk that anyone in your company can call whenever you face a hardware of software problem – we quickly resolve issues over the phone or dispatch an On-Site Technician for more advanced issues

Put an end to hourly billing and watch your staff’s productivity increase with Proactive Managed IT Services Plans by NCT.

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