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Is your business technology protected against advanced cyber threats?

You can’t take IT security for granted.

Security experts around the world are scrambling to protect their networks and systems against a rising number of cyber-threats. The statistics keep getting worse:

  • 91% increase in the number of targeted attacks in 2013
  • 62% increase in the total number of data breaches in 2013
  • Over 552 million identities exposed via data breaches in 2013 alone
  • Over 2 BILLION data records compromised in 2014
  • Cyber-crime affects 87% of businesses worldwide every year

Even scarier than the above statistics is the less known fact that data breach numbers only include reported incidents. Most data breaches go unnoticed and never reported.

NCT Network Computing TechnologiesNCT focuses on security first to ensure your company is protected from cyber-criminals who want nothing more than to steal and sell your customer’s valuable data records. Remember, one data breach is all it takes to cause a permanent stain on your company’s stellar reputation. Call us at (214) 544-3982 to secure your data assets before it’s too late.

We understand the fact that you need more than technology that is always operational. Our Total Network Protection plan will proactively defend your data assets and technology devices:

Vulnerability and Risk Assessment

  • Discover security vulnerabilities within your business network so you can patch them before they are exploited by cyber-criminals
  • Assess your industry-related and location-specific risks to bring awareness of all potential threats so we can build your custom defense strategy
  • External security testing that utilizes the same penetration tools that hackers use to gain access to vulnerable systems

Cloud-Based Email & Spam Protection

  • Protect your inbox from email phishing attempts that contain malware which can expose your company’s sensitive data records
  • Advanced spam protection that unclutters your inbox without increasing your risk of missing potential customer inquiries
  • Host your email services in state-of-the-art data centers that actively protect against emerging security threats with military-grade protection

Network & Wireless Security

  • Complete protection for your entire network including wireless connections which are notoriously hard to protect without multi-layered security solutions
  • Hardware and software firewalls that are properly configured to protect against inbound and outbound threats
  • Mobile device protection to make sure your most vulnerable devices are secure before they connect and compromise your network

NCT will protect your business from cyber-threats with our Total Network Protection that proactively defends and monitors every device that connects to your network.

Call us at (214) 544-3982 or send an email to for a complimentary threat analysis.

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