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Did You Know HIPAA Breaches Costs 71% More Than the Average Data Breach? NCT Offers HIPAA IT Consulting to Help You Achieve HIPAA Compliance!

As HIPAA breaches become more common than ever before, healthcare organizations must ensure the proper safeguards are in place to maintain the confidentiality of electronic protected health information; however, as regulations evolve, many healthcare organizations struggle to maintain HIPAA compliance while delivering the highest quality of patient care.

NCT offers HIPAA IT Consulting to help you achieve HIPAA compliance. We specialize in serving healthcare NCT Network Computing Technologiesorganizations. To learn more, give us a call at (214) 544-3982 or send us an email at

As a healthcare organization, your top priority is to deliver the highest quality of care to your patients; however, you’re also responsible for ensuring the confidentiality of their electronic protected health information. In fact, your patients depend on you and trust you to keep their electronic protected health information safe against unauthorized access or disclosure.

If you’re unable to ensure the confidentiality of your patients’ electronic protected health information, you’re at risk for a HIPAA breach, resulting in:

  • Enormous fines
  • Loss of patient trust
  • Reputational damage
  • Potential organization closure

Feeling overwhelmed? That’s understandable; after all, the healthcare industry loses, on average, $8 billion per year as a result of HIPAA breaches. Fortunately, our team of healthcare IT experts is here to help you achieve compliance while minimizing stress and hassle; so you can focus on delivering the highest quality of patient care!

How do we help you achieve compliance? Well, that’s simple! Our team of IT experts offers HIPAA IT consulting to help you:

  • Secure your electronic protected health information via encryption and access control policies, in order to ensure your data is stored and accessed securely by authorized users.
  • Protect your network against cybercrime using managed anti-virus and firewalls designed to combat emerging threats, including malware and viruses, to prevent infections.
  • Keep your healthcare IT systems up-to-date and functioning at peak performance at all times, in order to keep you operating in a reliable and secure manner.
  • Train your staff members about the current rules and regulations for privacy and security, as well as breach notification requirements in the event of disclosure.
  • Provide a data backup and disaster recovery solution to keep your healthcare IT systems and confidential data backed up and recoverable in the event of a disaster.

When you’re looking for an IT support company to focus on the health of your information systems while you’re focusing on the health of your patients, look no further than our team of healthcare IT experts!

To learn more, or to schedule a no-obligation IT security assessment, give us a call at (214) 544-3982 or send us an email at

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