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In the CLOUD – Storage, Back Up, and Easy Access

FREE UP your “LOCAL SPACE” by sending it to the CLOUD

Cloud Services are instrumental in improving a business’ efficiencies by maintaining a MOBILE WORKFORCE with File Storage, File Hosting, and File Backup capabilities...



Simplify your Work Flow with Cloud Solutions and stop worrying about:

  •  IT Budgets:  Eliminate IT budget spikes by avoiding upfront technology expenses or high ongoing maintenance fees. Pay-as-you-grow pricing enables you to only pay for the services you actually use.
  •  Downtime:  Your new cloud hosted solutions are hosted in fully redundant state-of-the-art data centers which allow for system upgrades and maintenance without your service being interrupted.
  •  Security:  All of your machines and files are hosted in Tier 4 Data Centers that utilize the latest security solutions to protect your data and devices with 24/7 hardware and software based coverage.
  •  Accessibility:  No longer will you be restricted to your office or home computer. When you’re properly set up in the cloud, you can securely access your files and applications from any Internet-connected device.










  • Number of consumers who have lost data as a result of an accidental deletion… 65.1%
  • 2018 – 31.4 % of consumers admitted they did not back up data. 31.4%
  • 2019 – Less than 7% admitted they were better at backing up their data. 7%

Microsoft Office 365

  • Experience the second wave of production improvements when you switch to an always-accessible cloud-hosted Microsoft Office Suite.
  • Don’t re-invent the wheel. Office 365 provides the same office solutions you’re already accustomed to but enables you to work from anywhere so you don’t waste time or lose work when switching locations.
  • Stop buying bulk license packages that just sit on the shelf. With Office 365 you can scale one user at a time so you don’t have huge upfront licensing expenses.




Cloud Hosted Solutions

  • Host your critical systems and applications in the cloud to guarantee 99.9% uptime. Your machines will never go down for routine or scheduled maintenance when you’re hosted in fully redundant data centers.
  • Cloud hosted Microsoft Office Suite, Quickbooks, SharePoint servers, Exchange Servers, VoIP Business Telephones, and more…
  • Access your files and systems securely from any device with an internet connection. Pick up right where you left off to get rid of delays searching for files when you switch work locations.


 Cloud-Based Backup Solutions

  • Protect against natural and cyber disasters with our hybrid backup and restore plans that defend you against any possible threat.
  • Save more than just your files with our advanced solutions that backup your system settings, file updates, installed applications, and even your entire mission critical machines.
  • Make a backup and recovery plan that outlines procedures for employees to take when they face a disaster so you can reduce any possible service interruption.


Cloud-Based Email & Spam Protection

  • Block infected emails and spam before they hit your inbox and load on to your devices.
  • Give yourself the peace of mind you need to open all potential customer inquiries without worrying about downloading a virus or infection that could compromise your device and network.
  • Real-Time Protection that defends against emerging threats with cloud-hosted servers that are updated automatically without you having to do anything.






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