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As a business or just a consumer, software and data can be a pain. You want to keep your information safe and you want to keep your software up to date but doing that in house is simply too difficult and expensive. Finding and manually backing up all your data wastes valuable time and money, and pushing software updates fores you to come to a standstill just to get the new version of a program you hardly even use. What if, instead of personal servers, company wide updates, and an in house team just for upkeep, you could have all of that done out of house for a low, flat rate? Not only that, but stopping and starting for updates could be a thing of the past? Well, that’s the beauty of cloud-based backup solutions.

Whether you’re local or far away, a cloud service can do all of the work for you automatically! All you need is an internet connection and you can use a virtual framework to access all your software and data. Always up to date, never down. Benefits of cloud based services are head and shoulders above an in house crew. No downtime: the servers housing your applications and data will update and refresh in a way that has no downtime for you and your employees, leaving you open to do your work and not worry about interruptions. Flat rate: Your finance department won’t have to worry about allocating different little parts of your budget for servers, maintenance, hardware fees, etc. You pay a flat rate fee and the rest is done for you, no questions asked. Access anywhere, anytime: any device that has an internet connection will be able to immediately access your virtual work space, gone are the days of installing applications on applications to get your new machines ready, with a cloud solution you can plug in and be ready to go. Security: you can have absolute peace of mind knowing that not only will you be up to date, your network will have custom protective security settings to keep you and your data safe.

NCT, Cloud-Based Backup Solutions Dallas, TX is your total cloud partner! NCT was founded in 2000 to help small to mid size businesses respond to the quick-changing environment of business IT. NCT has field expertise and makes outsourcing your cloud solutions easy. NCT, Cloud-Based Backup Solutions Dallas, TX is based in Dallas and offers up to date, innovative solutions to your IT problems at a fraction of the price of building your own IT infrastructure. Using NCT’s services is designed to be easy, safe, and the perfect solution to normally expensive and difficult problems. NCT can provide cloud solutions for you and your business today! Contact Us for more info!