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Your business network is constantly growing and is more and more of a key factor in enabling communications between employees, management, and customers. Credit card information is exchanged, account information is catalogued in online databases, and all your proprietary business information is stored on a company share. With all these important assets stored on your network, you may be wondering, is my network secure enough and reliable to handle my employee and customer need. At Network Computing Technologies, we strive to respond to the technology needs of small-to-mid-sized businesses and healthcare organizations in Allen, TX. One of our key services is a network assessment.

During a network assessment, our team will provide an overall review of your company’s infrastructure, management, security, processes, and performance. The review aids in an overall view of the state of your network so that you can concentrate on making information and strategic decisions for your business. The analysis can also help you to grow as a business and understand the current state of your infrastructure and processes before increasing their scale.

A network analysis will utilize a combination of hands on assessment, automated tool discovery, and process review. A network auditing team may utilize inventory software, scan for vulnerabilities, or analyze packet and net flow data to provide results.

A network overview can help identify underused and overused resources, bandwidth bottlenecks, security holes, and potential benefits and drawbacks of rolling out new technology. For example, some departments within your company may have been over-allocated resources while others do not have enough bandwidth to go around. You may utilize certain applications, streaming videos, or download files that are causing a bandwidth bottleneck. Security holes may put your company at risk causing thousands or millions of dollars in damage if a vulnerability is exploited.

If your small business or healthcare organization is on the brink of expansion, this may be a critical time to conduct a network review. For instance, you may wish to add a new technology such as supporting mobile applications to improve your customer service. Or perhaps to aid in your expansion you wish to drive economies of scan by converting an internal service to the cloud. We can help your business be aware of the areas that need improvement so you can spend your dollars wisely. Our team is also good at identifying wasted resources and end of life equipment so you can ensure your network is up to date and performing at peak efficiency.

During a network assessment, a competent team will spend time with your staff and technology partners reviewing your results. They can identify any modifications to configuration, adjustments to bandwidth capacity, additional technology required, adjustments to existing processes and procedures. There are many tasks that may be uncovered which range from a few simple patches to a full network overhaul. Our team offers the services of a full in-house technical staff, but at minimal cost. Our manufacturer partnerships can even save money on the purchase of new solutions. If you are a small business owner in Allen, TX, be sure to give us a call!

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