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In October of 2010, Microsoft introduced its Office 365 subscription service. Up to this point, businesses needed to purchase licenses to use the Office suite on a certain number of official business computers. Files were saved on local hard drives and had to be transferred via email or a physical drive. Periodically, new licenses would need to be purchased if a business wanted the latest version of Office products.

With Office 365, the products you know, like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and Excel, are available via subscription. Updates are automatic for any computer that is connected to the internet. Most importantly, Office 365 is designed to be cloud-based. Files can be uploaded to Microsoft OneDrive and accessed from any computer that is online. This increases the potential for easy group collaboration.

In addition to the traditional Office suite of products, Office 365 subscriptions for businesses also include access to collaborative platforms such as Skype for Business, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams and Lync. These platforms are designed to help businesses coordinate and communicate efficiently. All of this makes teamwork much more flexible in an age of home-based and office-based employees.

While all of this may sound like a great benefit for your business, you may want a professional partner to help you set up and work with Office 365. Network Computing Technologies has been helping businesses with Microsoft products for almost 20 years in the Dallas area. If you are looking for a partner to help with Microsoft Office 365 Dallas TX, NCT can help.

Microsoft offers several different subscription packages for Office 365. You want the benefits of Office 365 software, but you do not want to pay for unused features. Because NCT works primarily with small to mid-sized businesses, they can help you decide which subscription is the best fit for your business.

Once you have established a subscription, you may still find the number of options and features available to you overwhelming. NCT can work with your employees to find the features they need with limited frustration. Because they are experts in Microsoft products, they can help decrease the amount of time lost in searching for answers.

Most importantly, NCT can give you the necessary tools to help Office 365 perform for a mobile workforce. Office 365 is designed to take some of the basic tools of the business world, like sharing and editing documents, emailing and conferencing, on the road. With a little help from NCT, you can change the way you do business.

Modern businesses depend on using the latest technology. For help with Microsoft Office 365 Dallas TX, NCT can offer the benefits of an in-house IT department at a fraction of the price. They can help you find the cloud-based solution to help your business thrive.