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With information technology playing an increasingly important role in helping small-to-midsize businesses compete, the need for technology strategies, and even a technology road map. Sure, your longtime technicians can update your password, install a new version of Windows or even maintain your PCs, but can they find you the best software out there for finding new customers, managing inventory or tracking your receivables? Or build you a competitive new website or draw more visitors to your existing site through search engine optimization? Can they develop a robust yet cost-effective cyber-security environment that will keep hackers away?

To achieve these critical goals, large enterprises and government agencies bring in Chief Information Officers (CIOs). Most CIOs have at least 10-15 years of both technology and business experience and many also have advanced business degrees, such as MBAs. They speak the language of business. And they know how to keep their organizations in the forefront of leveraging technology for competitive advantage, how to comply with the ever-expanding world of regulation such as HIPAA, and how to keep their employer’s information technology environments secure.

The challenge for small-to-midsize businesses is that these skills do not come cheap. Full-time, experienced CIOs start in the low six-figures, and many command even higher salaries – in some cases crossing the seven-figure level. Unless you’re a large-corporate CEO, the cost of a full-time CIO can prove daunting.

Fortunately, there are smart choices. NCT, an 18-year-old technology firm founded and headquartered in Allen, has achieved success through providing innovative, high-quality technology support to small-to-mid-sized businesses and healthcare organizations right here in the Metroplex. Among our unique offerings are Outsourced CIO Services. Our virtual CIOs provide senior level, strategic talent on an as-needed basis, whether a couple of hours per week, a couple of days per week, or on short-to-mid-term engagements.

Need advice on maximizing your past technology investments? Our virtual CIOs can do it. Or aligning your tech team with your business strategy? Our virtual CIOs can show you the way. How about an ongoing series of get-togethers to brainstorm improving productivity and streamlining operations? We’ll be there with you, and for you. What about the age-old question, even more critical today, of insourcing vs outsourcing of your IT functions? We’ve seen it from all sides and we can develop a customized assessment of what works best for you – and we can even help you get there.

How do we do it? Most of our virtual CIOs are highly successful CIOs who’ve traded-in the corporate life for the excitement of working with some of the Metroplex’s finest up-and-coming enterprises. They love what they do, and we’re confident that you’ll love what they can do for you.

As a final benefit, we also offer technology vendor partnerships. Through our buying power and technology negotiating experience, NCT can help you achieve the type of competitive discounts seldom available to small-to-midsize businesses. Our Outsourced CIO Services not only help you to identify the solutions that fit your unique needs best, we also help you to get them at prices you’ll like.

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