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Today’s generation is riddled with a people famous for the internet of things (IoT). As much as the IoT grows, the need for wireless technology to curb clutter, speed and aesthetics have also mutually increased.

As history has proven, new developments face new threats each passing day. Wireless & Network Security is one major problem that is meeting today’s wireless networking industry.

According to an article published after a study by HealthcareITnews, security is one of the five major issues facing wireless and networking technology. With the rise in cybercrime, you need much much more than just a premium antivirus and malware to stay safe.

As the name suggests, Wireless & Network Security means prevention of unauthorized access to computer data using wireless networks, the most common being Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) and wifi protected access (WPA); these are just compound field words for passwords. This means that someone has access to everything connected to your WLAN/Wi-Fi and they have the liberty to manipulate these devices to output the desired effect.

For instance, if you had a medical bill of $1000, you could access the hospital servers using its WIFI and delete a single zero and save me 900 bucks. But the hospital wouldn’t want this, and they, therefore, have to put various authorizations and security measures which would keep their data safe, hence wireless and network security.

What are network threats in existence today?

Some of the threats your network may encounter are;

Rogue access points; This is a wireless access point installed on a secured system without any authorization from the network administrator with the intention of ruining the organization for personal benefits. The attacker would, of course, intercept confidential and sensitive data.

Twin SSID; This is where a similar network name is advertised. Users connect to the twin network and may end up losing or having their data corrupted.
Configuration issues; These often results in vulnerabilities that may pose significant security threats to businesses or institutions.

This mostly happens when wireless networks are managed individually.

Some solutions to these problems are;

• Server authentication is a good defense mechanism solution to twin SSID threats.
• Installing a wireless intrusion prevention system (WIPS) to monitor radio spectrums of unauthorized access points and actions taken accordingly solves the issue of rogue access points.
• Most security issues are addressed by the employment of a centrally managed network with the benefit of Periodic audits and coordinated updates which are bound to detect and counter security threats and reduce total costs. Centrally managed systems have improved reliability, and the risks are relatively low.

Wireless networking is the future. But as the networking industry grows, cyber threats are bound to increase. The best way to counter these issues is to have a centrally managed IT company provide Total Network Security that would proactively defend and monitor every device that connects to your network.

You wouldn’t want to put your company’s reputation on the line by assuming you’re not a potential target for cyber threats and criminals. Contact Us for more info!