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The Advantages Of Using Cloud-Based Email Protection

In today’s day and age, phishing, email viruses, and spam are still a significant issue for businesses and organizations. While technology upgrades from Email backbone providers have made marked improvements in catching and sorting many of these threats away from user’s inboxes, it remains a significant issue for companies who maintain their Email internally. One errant Email can wreak havoc for the entire business.

Use The Cloud To Secure Your Business Email

Cloud-Based Email Protection is an active way to monitor and detect threats prior to entering the Email client and the companies local computer hardware. All suspected malicious messages get captured and quarantined. They never send through to the end user’s inbox. As you can imagine, being proactive about Email scanning helps reduce user error, ensures compliance, saves resources, and reduces IT expenses that arise from damaged and infected computer systems.

Without Email security measures in place, all it takes is one malicious Email threat to get into your corporate server to do a lot of damage. Sophisticated and unsophisticated phishing attacks are especially troublesome. If an employee falls for a phishing email by clicking on a link or downloading a file, this innocent move compromises the entire network because it quickly spreads to other computers on the shared system. It is virtually impossible to stop an attack once it’s gotten unleashed. Cloud-based email protection pays for itself by merely preventing the issues associated with phishing and other malicious internet threats.

In a worst-case scenario, a severe breach can result in thousands of dollars in damages to networked computers. As you can imagine, many small and medium-sized businesses and organizations are ill-prepared to handle the financial setbacks that a significant IT breach presents.

Even more troublesome for companies that are regulated by FINRA, HIPAA, FINTECH is the added liability of fines and reputation damage that go hand in hand with data breaches. When you calculate the small investment in cloud-based Email protection versus the excessive penalties commonly associated with a noncompliance violation, it’s easy to see which option is best for the future of your company.

Stop Worrying About Your Email Inboxes

As a business owner, the chances are good that you don’t think or worry about email security. To many people, Email always runs in the background, and it is always there when needed. Regardless, it’s critical to protecting your business operations. Spam, phishing, and viruses pose a real threat to the productivity and security of businesses and organizations everywhere around the world. Manually sorting Email or relying on your employees to make the right call when opening mail is unreasonable and impossible. Even worse, manually sifting and sorting Email reduces productivity in the workplace, which costs your organization even more money in payroll.

Keep Your Business On Track

If you are ready to streamline your corporate Email to provide a seamless experience for your entire company, implementing Cloud-based Email filtering is an essential step to help you achieve your business goals. Contact Us!