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What kind of IT services can help a real estate agencies?
Real Estate professionals will tell you that success means providing the best service to their clients. A major part of their work requires constant contact with clients and the ability to stay on-top of the market. Successful real estate agents understand the importance of information technology. For this, they turn to NCT, the leader in providing IT Services for Real Estate Agents and Agencies.

What technology do real estate agents look for in today’s plugged-in world? Here is a look at just a few of the areas where real estate agents use technology and how NCT can help.


All business requires the best security available. The Real Estate industry requires the need to interface with consumers, financial institutions; home builders and others. On one side of your business you share data with individuals who may not have security in-place. Data you retrieve from them is often shared with financial institutions. They have expectations that the businesses they work with have airtight security.
The real estate professional has to have strong information security at all times and have it tested regularly. NCT is a leader in providing security services. We can work with you to analyze risks you may be facing and how best to secure your environment.


Most real estate agents have an Internet presence that includes a web site with listings of currently available properties. The ones that stand out are now offering features such as virtual tours of homes, data mining and artificial intelligence. These advanced features require working with a partner that understands your goals. The time and effort put into utilizing advanced web technologies will pay off for years to come when you have a superior web offering for your customers.


In mid to late 2017, Bitcoin was all over the news. In just a few years, the price of this virtual currency went from around $100 to nearly $20000 for one Bitcoin. Since then it has settled down and now trades as a commodity. It and other cryptocurrencies are not in the news as much, but are still very popular.

Several real estate agents have used their understanding of Bitcoin to offer it as a payment option for real estate transactions. If it is something you want to consider, there is a technology side to the blockchain that you will need to understand before you speak to clients that will expect you to fully understand how it works. NCT virtual CIO resources are available to act as a guide to help you navigate this highly technical world.

Real estate is one of the most competitive industries. New technology is scalable with access to any real estate agent. This makes it more important that you work with a company that has a long track record of supporting businesses throughout Texas. NCT provides IT Services for Real Estate Agents and Agencies. We are your total technology partner, ready to help you increase sales by using leading edge technology. Contact Us!